• Residential
    Are the utmost private projects, where one or two individuals have strong emotions and substantial personal investment in a single family or two-family structure. Our residential clients also include developers and investors that provide single family or two-family residential solutions in a given market. These clients provide LAA their needs and goals; we carefully provide technical support and practical design solutions that are compatible with and respond to their desires and insights.
  • Housing
    Projects involve three or more residential dwelling units. Our housing practice can involve other non-residential uses such as a first-floor commercial, community center and other tailored services and site-specific infrastructure. Housing can define the quality and legacy of an urban setting. Creating and preserving affordable housing is a major component of LAA's practice. Affordable housing stakeholders need a broader array of services beyond architectural design, including community engagement, pre-development, socio-economic and financing acumen, and these are key parts of the firm's expertise. Housing is LAA's design and planning motivation. LAA works with housing proponents, either public or private entities, so stakeholders and permitting agencies are engaged and become stronger housing partners. LAA processes feedback from the various stakeholders to effectively advocate for and collaboratively design housing for a diverse population of individuals.
  • Public
    Places for temporary occupancy, such as commercial and other gathering places, whether owned by a private or public entity. Public projects include locations where neighborhood individuals and families enjoy various uses but may not permanently reside. Through our skill in Urban Design, LAA integrates Residential, Housing and Public components with transportation facilities, plazas, vegetation, water and other natural features, urban furniture and adequate infrastructure to create thriving communities. LAA collaborates with public agencies, developers and property owners to create inviting, safe, and landmark public spaces as well as successful and productive commercial projects.